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// I don’t understand//

Why I’m so worthless. Undeserving. Why is everyone else in on it. I feel inherently worthless. Like maybe I’m just one of the ones who were actually made worthless.

I can’t figure it out. Why they look at me like that. Why don’t my feelings matter. Why am I so easily disregarded. Why is it ok to dismiss me. My family started the pattern. It stumped me then. They aren’t the only ones. I feel so isolated with no where to go. Why am I such a reject alone with my pain. Can I just disappear?

// She’s beautiful//

And she’s worthless.



this should be the most reblogged post on tumblr before it dies

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// I hate to admit it//

But it really hurts. It hurts so much. 💔

// Fml//

Fuck my life.

// Weak//

I am so stressed 😔😩

// School is in session//

The campus is crowded and summer vacay is officially over. Back to the books for a few days, Vegas for Labor Day weekend and back to the books.

Can’t wait to get paid on Friday too 😃

Ps if you are planning on going to Vegas this weekend please do me a great big favor and plan your trip through hotshotvegas.com/NW and let me know how you liked it!!

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Vegas here we come!!!

// So relieved//

This is my last few days of being broke. I will be getting paid on Friday and then Friday night I am heading out to Vegas for three days for Labor Day weekend. It will be my last hurrah before school which actually starts tomorrow and before my second job starts. So I’m gonna have a busy life ahead of me but I like to stay busy and I like to make that money.

The hardest part is over and I actually get to pick up a shift at my new job today which I’ll be leaving for shortly so I will also be working on Thursday before I head out to Vegas so I’m going to making some extra money.

The worst is behind me and I can look ahead to better days and this time I plan on maintaining the second job and not leaving it like I did this time around.

Have a happy Sunday everyone.



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